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How to Impact Lead Generation with Landing Pages - Part 1

landing pages to generate leads

Nearly every website you see today has a goal of generating leads. The problem for most business websites are their lack of effective lead generating methods. Most websites depend only on their contact us page, a contact us form along with an address and/or phone number for all online leads. If your website creates all its online leads with just these web tools, you are drastically limiting your lead generating opportunities.

How to Impact Lead Generation by Blogging

blogging is time consuming

Regardless of the size of our business or the industry we work in, we all work to earn personal income and to help our employers with their goal of generating business revenue. Even non-profits are in the business of generating revenue, right? Our business websites should have the same goal of generating revenue even if they are not e-commerce websites.

How to Zero In On Social Media Conversions In A Sea of Noise

detailed conversation with lead

We've all learned how time consuming Social Media can be and how hard it is to measure ROI for all that time invested. But in the past few years social media has also become much less social. Many brands today use social media as broadcast media channels to blast content out to the masses with no paticular target market in mind. In email we can call this approach spam or junk mail, but in social media we call all that additional info we really don't care about as NOISE.

Action Sports Internet Marketing Analysis: Wakeboards (Part 4)

Liquid Force Website 2013

Action sports brands have an endless opportunity to create, optimize and promote new content. The reason I say "endless opportunity" is because most action sports are bombarded with changing elements like seasonality, weather, fashion, technology and athletic advancement. These changes help create great new stories that can be told with pictures and video that harness the emotions, lifestyle and environment that words alone can't always describe. The brands using a content marketing strategy use planned campaigns that can be measured throughout the process for success and improvement.

Action Sports Websites Review: Wakeboard Industry (Part 3)

Liquid Force Website

My last post of this wakeboard industry series examined the social media presence of 5 wakeboard brands, focusing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I highlighted which brands are leading the pack and whyLiquid Force was the clear winner of Social Media Marketing, but how will they do in the race for Best Overall Internet Marketing?  Read on to find out who has the best website stats in Part 3 below!

8 Ways to Use New HubSpot3 to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts


Have you ever been guilty of sending an email to current customers with an offer that should only be seen by potential customers? Embarrassing, right? If it happens more than once you may even see your good customers unsubscribe from your email list.

Social Presence: How to Make Wakeboarding Friends & Influence Others

social graph wakeboards

For most people, participating in action sports or even watching action sports is far more exciting than marketing action sports. But for the marketers behind the scenes for these brands, action sports marketing is about as exciting as marketing gets. Content creation opportunities are endless. The ability to use ever-changing new technology to capture new riders doing something that wasn't considered possible a year ago and then share this content with the world on digital media platforms that didn't exist a year ago provides awesome marketing potential for any brand.

Action Sports Industry Marketing Analysis: Wakeboard Brands (Part 1)

liquid force facebook page

Last month I started my 1st internet marketing competitive analysis series that focused on the high-end slalom ski industry. I wanted to start with a small niche sport for my first review, and competitive slalom brands worked, plus I already had much of the data prepared.  But with further research I found that this sports segment as a whole can do much better to market their brands online.

4 Factors for Finding Website Traffic Success (Part 4)

WooRank Ski Companies2

Website design, site architecture, new content and SEO all play an important role to any website's success. Unless you are relying on all your traffic from paid ads, your website depends on these four factors to generate the best possible targeted organic traffic from search. Search engines are using a combination of these four factors to rank your website and the less compliant you are, the lower your results.  Bottom line is that consistantly integrating these four components on every web page you create will return targeted visitors who are searching for your products and services.

How to Analyze Website Success of Your Industry Competitors

analyze website success

My previous post of this slalom ski industry series broke down the social media marketing efforts of each waterski company, focusing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I highlighted which brands are leading the pack and why, plus made some suggestions for the brands that are not keeping up with their industry competitors.  Radar Skis was the clear winner of Social Media Marketing, but how will they do in the race for Best Overall Internet Marketing?  Read on to find out who has the best website stats in Part 3 below!

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